Date of Event: 15/03/2019 onwards

Department/Association/Committee: Hobby Centre

CERTIFICATE TAILORING CLASS Hobby centre, RPD College, along with Gnyan Jyoti Grameen Abhivruddi Samaste is conducting a free certificate tailoring class for students under Kaushalya Karnataka CMKKY. the course started on 5/30/2019.The course consists of 80 hours of theory and 260 hours of practicals. Totally 8 number of students have been admitted for the course. The course is been conducted by Smt. Vijaya R. Nesargi, at Saraswati vachanalay, Belgaum. At the end of the course, completion assessment will be carried out and certificates will be issued to the students. In future students will be allotted tailoring orders from the Government of Karnataka.

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