Special Guest Lecture

Academic Year                                             :2017-18


Name of the Department/Association     : Department of Economics

Name of the activity                                    : Special Guest Lecture

Date & Venue of the activity                      : 18th September 2017, Audio-visual Room

Target group (students / staff)                  :  BA, BCom, Final year Students

Number of the students participated       : 51

Name of the staff in-charge                        : Prasanna B. Joshi

A brief report of the activity           :   The department of Economics organised a guest lecture on the topic “Patanjali Revolution..? for the students of Economics. Sri. V.C. Sannakki, Assistant Professor, RPD college of Business Administration was the guest Speaker.  More than 50 students were present on the occasion and actively participated in the discussion. The BA V semester students who are currently doing a project on the topic were the main beneficiaries of the lecture.  Sri. Sannakki during the course of his lecture covered the origin, growth and spread of Patanjali as a brand and a company with a turnover of over six thousand crore rupees. The guest speaker also highlighted the policy of the company to promote its product and its future prospects and possible competition from other brands.

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