Special Guest Lecture

Academic Year                                             : 2018-19

Name of the Department/Association     : Economics Department

Name of the activity                                    : Special Guest Lecture

Date & Venue of the activity                      : 8th October 2018, Audio-visual Room

Target group (students / staff)                  :  Students and Staff

Number of the students participated       : 40

Name of the staff in-charge                        : Prasanna B. Joshi

A brief report of the activity                       :  The department associated itself with the department of Political Science, in organizing a guest lecture on the topic “Environmental Laws and Sustainable Development”. The lecture was delivered by Dr. D. Prasanna Kumar, Associate Professor of Law, R. L. Law College,  Belagavi. Dr. Prasanna Kumar in course of his lecture and interactive session highlighted various laws that exists towards regulating the economic  developmental activities to protect ecology and environment. He explained the loopholes in the existing laws and stressed the need to further strengthen them. He profusely quoted various bad stories in the context wherein the environment and ecology has been exploited.

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