Special Guest Lecture

Academic year                                              :  2016-17


Name of the Department/Association     :  Economics Department

Name of the activity                                    :  Special Guest Lecture

Date & Venue of the activity                      :  9th March 2017

Target group (students / staff)                  :  Students

Number of the students participated       : 41

Name of the staff in-charge                        : Prasanna B. Joshi

A brief report of the activity                       :  The Department organised a Guest lecture for the benefit of the BA final year students in particular on a very relevant topic “Cashless Economy”  the guest speaker was Shri. D.K. Kulkarni, retired chief manager, SBI. In his lecture Shri. Kulkarni stressed on the prerequisites for an economy to go cashless and India’s preparedness in this context. He also stressed on the possible job opportunities for young graduates as a result of the economy going cashless. The main lecture was followed by a demonstration of using online payments apps such as BHIM, Paytm etc. and question answer session.

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