R.P.D. College Library is one of the oldest libraries with rich collection of books capable of meeting the changing needs & demands of present and future. It was established along with the inception of the collage in 1945.

            The College libraries are heart of college educational system and foundation of the higher educational system. College libraries it play a very vital role in making young students library minded & torch bearers of the society. Regular college library users become good researchers, intellectuals & cream of the society.

            A well housed and well managed library is the foundation modern of educational structure. To keep pace with the ever expanding field of knowledge the library is being updated from time to time.

            We are sure to keep ourselves in the mainstream by sensitizing library to the ever changing needs of the stakeholders.


  1. Acquire & conserve of knowledge which contribute & support the teaching – learning programme.
  2. Provide opportunities to all users to develop healthy interest in the field of Arts, humanities & Commerce.
  3. Provide access to information to all types of users to promote & create reading habit.
  4. It widens the mental horizon of the students & turns them to thinking individuals.

Library Profile:

No. of Books: 53,549

No. Periodicals: 36      (Journals-12     Magazine-14   Newspaper-10)

 Method of Classification : Dewey Decimal Classification (19th Ed.) ,Catalogue System : ALA

Total Carpet Area : 848.76+Add.

Total Seating Capacity for      Student : 320  Staff : 20

Library Timing : 8.00 am. to 2.30 pm.

  • Access to Book Collection : Partially open Access
  • Book shelving – shelved book as subject & author wise on rack

Library software : Libsoft software, developed by Environ Software Bangalore.

Internet Section : Eight systems for Students & Staff.

E-resources : CDs, DVDs and e-books & e-journals through N-List.

Generator for uninterrupted power supply.

Services & Facilities:

  • Bar-coded issuance of book is adapted
  • Bar-coded Reader ticket is given to the student to easy, faster and secure transaction.
  • Reference Service
  • Book Bank Scheme
  • Free set of text books to the first five rank holders.
  • Free set of text books to the physically challenged students.
  • Online Public Access Catalogue
  • Display of New Arrivals
  • Information deployment / Notification
  • Newspaper clipping
  • Users Orientation & Awareness Programme
  • Free Internet Facility for students & Staffs
  • Digital resources-CDs, DVDs and e-books & e-journals through N-List.
  • Downloading & Printing facility for  staff
  • Career Guidance & competitive Examination Book Section.
  • Additional books & open access to advance learner.
  • Inter Library loan
  • Fresh air & abundant natural light

Involvement & Best Practice initiated & adopted:

  • Computerization of library with LIBSOFT Software.
  • Bar Coded Transaction.
  • E-resources: Subscribed e-journals, e-books through N-LIST Programme.
  • Book Exhibition : On special occasion, we exhibit the books regarding that topic/subject. We keep open these exhibitions also for public & other college students.
  • We extend our library service to IGNOU student & ex-student, ex- staff.


Staff Profile:

Sl. No.Name of StaffPostQualification
1Mrs. S. G. KordeI/c. LibrarianB.Sc.,M.L.I.Sc. SET
2Mr. M. S. BalekundriLibrary Asstn.B.A., M.L.I.Sc.
3Mrs. S. S. PawasheClerk-cum-TypistPUC
4Mrs. A. A. JuvekarClerk-cum-TypistB.A., B.L.I.Sc., DTP
5Mrs. M. V. KanbarakarClerk-cum-TypistB.Com.
6Mr. C. B. KambleAttenderPUC
7Mr. S. P. BastawadkarAttenderS.S.L.C.
8Mr. R. L.  PatadeAttenderS.S.L.C.


The campus houses hostel for boys and girls separately which caters to accommodate needs of the students seeking admission from outside the city. There is also provision for rest rooms and reading room made in hostel. The hostel warden, who is the resident in the campus, supervises the hostel. Hostel fees towards maintenance and sanitation have to be paid when admission to hostels is granted. Hostel fees are not refundable. Hostel rules have to be followed by all hostel residents. Breach of hostel rules can lead to penal action/expulsion from the hostel.

ladies hostel front view

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Date: 5th July 2019, 11:03 AM

View from front, RPD College Campus

Scholarship and scheme

      Scholarships provided to the students are

  1. SKE Empowerment fund
  2. Dr. Y.K. Prabhu scholarship
  3. Endowment prizes
  4. Government Scholarships


The central and state government award, free ships and scholarship every year under various schemes to SC/ST/BCT/BSG/children of service personnel and freedom fighters/physically handicapped students. Eligible students should apply in a prescribed form (available in the office) giving all the necessary details along with Xerox copies.


1) State/ central government free ships to scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, backward caste, backward tribe and backward community students.

2) State government free ships and scholarships to children of service personnel (non-commissioned officers only) in army navy or air force.

3) State government fee ships to children of government servants who die while in service.

4) State government fee concessions to students, irrespective of community or caste, whose parent’s annual income is below Rs.1, 00,000 only.

5) Government of India scholarships to physically handicapped students.

6) Government of India national merit scholarship for meritorious students.

7) Government of India loan scholarships based on merit and parents annual income (RS.60001-or less).

8) Government of India Hindi scholarships based on merit at state level

9)  Sanchi Honnamma Scholarship for B.A/B.Com. I girl students

Gymkhana & sports

The college gymkhana includes the following: class representatives, secretaries for the various games, the cultural department, the college magazine, the ladies representative and the general secretary. The college gymkhana conducts games, sports and cultural programmers in conformity with the university rules/instructions.

SKE Society’s ‘sports Academy’ was launched on 29th September 2013 with the intention of promoting sports and games. The Academy, apart from providing intensive coaching in Athletics, football, volleyball, hockey, cricket, basket ball, also organizes tournaments and competitions.

Physical Education and Sports are a means of developing an all round personality of an individual and our department tries to do it the fullest. We see that most of our students in our college take part in the sports and fitness activities to the maximum extent. Our college provides enough facilities and opportunities for the students to exhibit their talent and expertise in the field of sports. The students too are reciprocating back in a very good way by participating and in many state, national and international competitions and tournaments and also winning most of the Competition and tournaments we participate at the Karnataka University and Rani Channamma University Inter-Collegiate level and getting selected for the Karnataka University teams and Rani Channamma University in various games and sports in a large number.


Department of Physical Education & Sports

About the Department

The department of physical education and sports was established in 1945.Physical Education is an integral part of the total education. Therefore, every student should have the opportunity to participate in a quality physical education program. It is the role of quality physical education programs to help students develop health-related fitness, physical competence in movement activities, cognitive understanding, and positive attitudes toward physical activity so that they can adopt healthy and physically active lifestyles. Quality programs are also important because they provide learning experiences that meet a student’s developmental needs, which in turn helps to improve the mental alertness, academic performance, readiness, and enthusiasm for learning.

According to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) (1) guidelines, a high-quality physical education program includes the following components: opportunity to learn, meaningful content, and appropriate instruction. Quality physical education programs should provide the student with the following benefits:

Skill development – Develops motor skills that allow for safe, successful, and satisfying participation in physical activities.

Regular, healthful physical activity – Provides a wide range of developmentally appropriate activities for all children and youth. It encourages young people to choose to be physically active and aware of the benefits.

Improved physical fitness – Improves the health-related components of physical fitness (cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition).

Support of other subject areas – Reinforces knowledge learned in/across the curriculum and serves as a laboratory for application of content in science, math, and social studies, communication skills, and literacy.

Self-discipline – Facilitates development of responsibility for personal health, safety, and fitness.

Improved judgment – Influences moral development and students assume leadership roles, cooperate with others, and accept responsibility for their own behavior.

Stress reduction – Physical activity becomes an outlet for releasing tension and anxiety and facilitates emotional stability and resilience.


The Physical Education and sports develops leaders in physical education, coaching, recreation and sports management. We are committed to preparing students to meet the complex challenges of our regional and global communities.


The Physical Education and sports has a vision of a physically educated world where lifelong learning and physical activity are practiced by all. Our students are prepared to make lasting contributions to our profession, communities, and society.



  • appreciate and understand the value of physical education and its relationship to a healthy, active lifestyle
  • work to their optimal level of physical fitness
  • experience enjoyment and satisfaction through physical activity
    develop social skills that demonstrate the importance of teamwork and cooperation in group activities
  • demonstrate a high level of interest and personal engagement showing initiative, enthusiasm and commitment
  • develop physical,mentel,social and emotional qualities of a student.


  1. Knowledge and Understanding
  • demonstrate an understanding of the principles and concepts related to a variety of physical activities
  • understand the importance of physical activity to a healthy lifestyle
    Performance and Application
  • display acquired motor skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities
  • apply tactics, strategies and rules in both individual and group situations
  • use movement concepts appropriately in relation to themselves, others and their physical environment
  • Apply health and fitness principles effectively through a variety of physical activities.
  1. Social Skills
  • work cooperatively
  • respect themselves and their social and physical environment
  • support and encourage others (towards a positive working environment)
  • develop attitudes and strategies that enhance their relationship with others
  • Show sensitivity to their own and different cultures.



  1. PLAYGROUND: We have a good  Playground on which we can have the

Following Games and Sports.

  1. Gymnasium

There is Multi-specialty – Gym where many students can perform weight training at the same time. Other accessories required for weight training are also available. An instructor is present to help students in using the instruments. Students and staff are encouraged to use this facility.

Our college gymnasium is enough to accommodate the following indoor Games.


Our college multi gym is well equipped with adequate number of equipments as per the required standards. We have free weights includes dumbbells, 2 multi     (16 and 4)station, cross over cable ,bench press, inclined bench press, abdomen , peg deck.


S.K.E.Society’s, the institution’s management is considerate in giving admissions for sports person who have represented national and state levels.

Incentives and awards:

Management fee concision at the time of admission.

Honors the sports persons for inter-university representation.

Management fee concision for  inter-university representation.

Sportswear , T.A. and D.A.:

All the students representing the college in various sports and games are given the necessary sportswear, T.A. and D.A.

Students support


Discipline and social service are necessary qualities of a good citizen. The NCC and NSS help inculcate these qualities in students. There are 3 NCC units based in the campus, namely 1.Ncc-Air wing 2. NCC-army wing and 3. Senior wing girls NCC.


The NSS (National Service Scheme) unit takes up social service projects by adopting a village. The NSS Volunteers are actively involved in development of the adopted village and conduct various social awareness programmers’ in the village for the benefit of the community. NSS Volunteers have been actively involved in Blood donation activity

Youth Red Cross

R.P.D. college in-houses Youth Red Cross Prof. Mrs.S.V.Deshpande is the program me officer of youth Red Cross wing. It organizes blood donation camps. The youth Red Cross wing under its initiative of “Swach Bharat-Sashakt Bharat” has conducted several visits and made donations to the needy institutions. The members of the Youth Red Cross wing along with the student representative and members actively supported the conduct of the events and activities throughout the year.

Scouts and Guides

Prof. C. M. Munnoli is the coordinator of scout and guides. On 10th August 2014 the Scout and Guides unit [ROVERS CREW] was inaugurated by principal M.I.Hegde.

The members of the Scout and Guides along with the student representative actively supported the conduct of the events and activities throughout the year.


A canteen facility is provided in the campus for the convenience of students and staff. The canteen serves hygienically prepared eatables and refreshments. Beverages like tea, coffee and cold drinks are available. The canteen is open between 7-30 a.m. to 5-30 p.m. on all working days. Like the rest of the campus, the canteen is also a “No Smoking “zone.



Ladies room


          Ladies room facility is provided in the campus for the convenience of the girl students.

Parking facility

Parking facilities is provided to the students

Hobby centre

The society operates a hobby centre where useful crafts like embroidery, knitting,dol making, making flowers and soft toys etc are taught to interested students. Demonstrations and lectures by skilled persons are arranged. Exhibition and sales are held which help students to earn while they learn. It conducts workshops and certificate courses. The courses include personal grooming, making of soft toys, crochet work, knitting bag making and fabric painting. Workshops are conducted for the development of culinary skills. It encourages and inspires the girl students to earn while they learn.

AV Room





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