नृत्य आणि नाट्यप्रशिक्षण अभ्यासक्रम वर्ग

Academic year                                              :  2020 -21

Name of the Dept./Associations / Unit  :   Marathi Department

Name of the activity                                    :

certificate course of 45 hours (self finanaced)

Date & Venue of the activity                      :  Inaugural on  11 January 2021,

Daily 2 hours AV-2 (Time: 1PM onwards)

Target group (students / staff)                  :   RPD  Students

Number of the students participated       :  26  Students

Name of the staff in-charge                        :   Dr. Shobha Naik

A brief report of the activity                       :   As RCU curriculum includes a paper on Natyakala for 4th sem Optional a practical oriented certificate course we designed and tried to implement it. Just for trial base we charged Rs. 200/- as its fee. Students also responded well. We could generate Rs.5200/-(through registration fee). Mr. P. D. Gavade and Dr. Shobha Naik worked as resource persons. Abhinay  –  Lekhan , Digdarshan, Rangmanch, Nepathya, Veshbhusha, Rangbhusha, Prakashyojana, Loknrutya/Samuh nrutya are the aspects included in syllabus.

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