Guest Lecture on Disaster management

Name of the activity                          : Guest Lecture on Disaster management

Date & Venue of the activity             : Department of Geography

on 11th September, 2017

Target group(students/class/staff)     : BA I/III/V semester students

Number of the students participated : 50

Name of the staff in charge               : Dr. M. S. Kurani

A brief Report of the activity           : The department of Geography had organised a special guest lecture on 11th September, 2017 for B.A. I/III/V semester students.  The guest speaker Dr. S. H. Patil Associate Professor Dept. of Political Science R.P.D. College College Belagavi delivered the lecture on the topic ‘DISASTER MANAGEMENT’. In his lecture he thoroughly explained the concept, types, causes and consequences of natural disasters. He pointed out that nature produces unpredictable events and man cannot prevent the happenings of the nature which are beyond his control even in this modern scientific era. these events occurs suddenly and results in large scale damages  within short period. He also explained that disaster is not only created by nature but in large extent it is also created by human beings. He said that it is impossible to control the natural events but the effects can be minimized with proper management of these things. He also highlighted precautionary measures taken by Government and Non-Government agencies to overcome or control the disasters. Further, he explained the role of public and student community in controlling and smooth management of these disasters. As many as more than 50 students and staff members of the department participated and benefited by this guest lecture.

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