Pottery Lab

Name of the activity                          : Pottery Lab

Date & Venue of the activity             : Department of Geography

on 30th March, 2017

Target group(students/class/staff)     : BA VI semester students

Number of the students participated : 30

Name of the staff in charge               : Department staff

A brief Report of the activity           : As a part of field study the students of final year visited the green campus of the Central Village Pottery Institute (CVPI), nestled on the eastern banks of the Malaprabha river in Khanapur near Belgaum city. The premises has a laboratory for soil testing, a library with an extensive collection of books on pottery and a hostel for the trainees. An exhibition hall greets visitors with an eclectic mix of artifacts like lamp shades, flower vases, miniature monuments, animals, idols of gods, abstract figures and pots, which have been produced at the institute.

The visit gave them a glimpse of rural employment opportunities and rural market operations. Such practical exposure will help them to understand the skills and expertise of rural labor market and give them a unique experience of pottery industry.  Students and staff had an exclusive experience of trying their hands on pot wheels and making pots

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