Special Guest Lecture

Academic year                                              :  2016-17

Name of the Dept./Associations / Unit  :  Economics Department

Name of the activity                                    : Special Guest Lecture

Date & Venue of the activity                      :  21st July 2016, S.S. Sabhagriha (Society Hall)

Target group (students / staff)                  : Students and Staff

Number of the students participated       : 60

Name of the staff in-charge                        :  Prasanna B. jsohi

A brief report of the activity                       :  The department organized a special guest lecture on the topic “Energy Security Challenges Ahead 21st  July 2016.  Dr. N.D. Hegde, Associate Professor of Physics (Nuclear Physics) , GSS  College, Belagavi was the guest speaker on the occasion. In his lecture he focused on the urgent need of finding alternative sources of energy particularly in view of the increasing population, economic development and therefore increased need for energy. He stressed that harnessing solar energy is the panacea for all the energy problems that most of the developing countries face including India. He presented an effective power point presentation supporting his lecture in terms of facts and figures, data and information. Principal Dr. S.P. Surebankar who was presiding over the session made the presidential remarks. The guest lecture was followed by an interactive question answer session.  As many as 60 students were benefited by the guest lecture.

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