Visit to Mahesh Foundation

Date & Venue of the activity                          : 13th January, 2023

Target group (Students/Staff)                         : B.Com. Final Year Students

Number of the students participated             : 75

Name of the staff in-charge                           :Mrs. B. D. Adhyapak,  Mrs. V. P. Joshi

Dr. SharmilaSambhaji, Mrs. HemaAngolkar

Founder of the NGO:                                       Mr. Mahesh Jadhav

Founder President, Mahesh Foundation,

Siddeshwar Nagar, Kanbargi, Belagavi.

A Brief Report of the activity:

The staff and students of the  Department of Commerce visited the Mahesh Foundation as a part of Community Service to providean exposure about the working of  NGOs in extending social services . The day spent at the foundation was worth because of the experience gained in understanding the yeomen service of the founder president Mr. Mahesh Jadhav in shaping the foundation over the years in spite of various hurdles . The foundation has transformed to its present status due to the kind hearted donors and philanthropist who extended financial help for the noble cause.

Mahesh Foundation has a big team of professionals who work for the noble cause. They have separate teams for the management of schools, hostels and campaigns. They provide reports of HIV/ AIDS resident children to donors with regards to their health, food, study, and livelihood. The foundation today has funds from the CSR to meet its needs.

The students of the department sponsored a two day meal for the resident student of the foundation by donating an amount of Rs. 6,000/- (Rupees six thousand only)

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